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Default Re: biblically speaking!

First we need to get rid of sin so we can be prepared to deal with higher things...first things first !
Yes, no one wants to give a shot gun to an 8 year old.

As for the Muzzies in let them in by the millions, dump them in the poorest parts of town, give them no jobs and no hope, pump their communities full of drugs and then act all surprised.

I dont blame the Muzzies for it all, though personal responsability comes into it, i blame the Globalists. The social engineer's.

In the end people have let themselves be conned into thinking that they must feel guilty for not wanting to share the street with people who do not share their values and customs.

I say send them back from whence they came. Fix their countries, leave them alone and let them leave us alone.

Gulp...hope the abo's dont get any ideas! 8-)
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