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Default Re: How Einstein's dead wrong, relatively speaking

truebeliever wrote:
In reality it's been pretty well known that his wife did most of the work. It's pretty hard writing calculations and fucking anything that moves at the same time.

Einstein should have lost all credibilty when he invented "things" out of the blue to make his theories work...especially trying to explain gravity.

For the neophyte...the speed of light is 186,282 miles per second and is supposed to be the reference point for all things in the Universe. And yet gravity, the weakest force, operates instantly accross time and space to the fartherest reaches of the Universe.

Scientists cannot explain this phenomena. Or, the establishment scientists, brought and paid for by the foundations and the bankers dont want us to know.

I'm still waiting for that Hollywood big budget Tesla movie.
TB you will see Einstein promoted in 1000 more

movies. I don't think the Tesla movie will

ever be made. Hollywood's role is to dumb us

down remember.
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