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Default Re: Thinking about joining, anyone with me?

As long as freemasonry represents friendship and meeting other people having common interests, it can be only positive. Just like adhering to any other cultural society, I suppose.

But there is a specificity in freemasonry: the SECRET. Being part of a secret society -which means a society having the cult of the secret (unless this society is under persecution)- involves certain risks such as:

- becoming self-sufficient as a "secret knowledge guardian";
- adhering to some childish brainwashing mystical elitist misbeliefs such as those which misled the Templars` grand masters concerning a certain superior "Bloodline" in mankind.

And, of course, if you become self-sufficient enough and/or brainwashed enough, you do exactly the opposite of what you wanted: instead of evolving spiritually, you simply regress.
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