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Default Re: biblically speaking!

Insider wrote:
I really do not care to argue about the Bible, The human race has the answer to nothing, but if you choose to follow them by all means do. I will say once again: RELIGION IS CRAP, BUT THE BIBLE IS KNOWLEDGE SUPREME. If you do not agree, then go your way. THE BIBLE IS THE ULTIMATE SCIENTIFIC WORK. At my stage of life your opinion can not matter. I say this for you to learn. It is up to you.
Of course it is knowledge. No one here argues that. However, it stems from knowledge of things that were already tried and passed. And then in return to repeat. History repeats itself, so does the bible and its message.
By the way fella, what's with 'go your way' anyway? I've noticed in several posts you're to quick to send people to the gas chamber just because they feel differently about certain topics/issues. Lighten up and communicate for a good feedback (from everyone here at CC). Get it??
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