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Default Re: Chemical Weapons in Fallujah

Our Governments claimed the moral high ground in entering this war, pointing at Chemical Weapons, torture, and the rape and killing of civilians.

Then we went straight in and showed them exactly the same, but with a differen set of faces.

Bypassing International law, with declaring people as "enemy combatants", and stipping their Geneva Convention rights; illegal extraditions to countries that allow torture; napalm (well it's not technically, they use jet A1 rather than petrol); white phosphorous (ohhhh, we were only trying to illuminate an area 150 yeards across, it's unfortunate that people got in the way); even the use of .50Cal snipers rifles is illegal, so we argue tha they aren't being used against people, they are being used against materiel (i.e. we are shooting canteens and uniforms, not people).

May as well call it the "loophole" war.
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