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Default Re: Bush meltdown: Belated justice or coup d'etat?

Actualy I couldnt find anything I could disagree with in that article. Very observant!

Where is the link?

I had a dream a few months ago when I woke up I asked God what it meant and the meaning came to me instantly (only the second time that ever happened!) The meaning was that I should claim and pray for a revolution in our country but not join it because it was also evil. And I have been doing just that since.
I dont think God has any intentiton of saveing our country but cleansing it probably 90% will die. This was confirmed last week in a prophecy given in a church I was visiting. About the only thing we could make out was that evil was overwhelming the world and God was prepareing to cleanse it. Well other than the usual draw closer to me ect...
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