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Default "Smartest Guys In The Room". The Enron story. 28 meg WMV File.

What a tale of sad and pathetic woe. That such cocksuckers could take anyone for a ride is beyond me. They would have to be some of the most idiotic, brain dead, Coke and Amphetamine addicted fools to ever be allowed into the board room and the fact they suckered so many in tells me only the tip of the ice berg has been scratched in terms of leading players.

Only in America could a bunch of Coked up fools full of their own self importance consider the airy fairy idea of turning the energy market into their own pie in the sky speculative playground over ACTUALLY owning and operating gas fields etc...truly!

Incredible incompetence and hubris, only explainable by mental illness and drug habits. Their is no other explanation. Also note how Ken Lay was a big adherent to the "Social Darwinist" school of thought. America you are in the grip of the Bolsheviks (Neo-Cons) and actually think you are headed for a "fascist" takeover...come in sucker. 28 meg WMV File.

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