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True point. Did you see the clip, soldiers and UK politician were interviewed and stated the war was not legal.
Yes. The whole lot. Though i'm getting a little desensitised these days.

Of course the wars illegal. Half the soldiers or more KNOW that but the little gutless fuckers go on fighting hoping they can simply see it through and still get their College paid for and hopefully not dream bad dreams of murder and carnage. They want their honourable discharge and NONE have the guts to stand up against this filth. Gutless, the whole lot of them. I hope the Insurgence cut off every one of their heads for what they are CHOOSING to take part in.

May they rot in hell.

May America and ANYONE else for that matter EVER judge Germany's behaviour in the East after this little escapade.

They are boo hooing some SAS 20+ year vet here in Oz. Rot in hell too. May his widow now comprehend the misery this little lackey of Imperial power has helped perpetuate. The pathetic sombre looks of the pollies know no end while worshipping the cult of the "warrior baby killer" but nary a look of concern at the UMPTEENTH dead Iraqi from the latest dickhead off his head on Dexies and listening to Death Metal on his I.Pod.

I am praying for your Gods earthquake Ahmed. May it strike quickly so my little powerless self has to witness no more images of disgusting death from far away ruining my appetite before souvlaki and iced coffee.
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