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Default Re: Conspiracy to label truthseekers as CRACKPOTS, Loony or Nutz

Oh my. You tried to insult Dr Wickramasinghe? He has more credibilty than you will ever posess.

He is a primary researcher. A director of a research institute. He has published many papers... anyway.. You would only discount this, in your infinite ignornace having never had the pleasure of reading any of his work.

It DOES NOT push evolution one step back. It pushes it forward, and by a lot. He worked with Sir Hoyle on this idea. Its possible that their idea may hold water, and a *LOT* of people much smarter than you( are there any denser? ) give him a lot of credit.

Space is not a homogenius vaccum, and this question is about Cosmology, of course, which is also in his expertize. He verified Einstien's equations, and found a novel solution. Have you ever spoken to another human being who can claim that? Did you know that? Do you even know what his novel solution was?
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