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Default Re: Interesting Photograph

truebeliever wrote:
Yes. Hitler gave Henry a special German award for excellence and each had admiring photo's on their desk tops.

I would like to know WHO in the German Industrial Elite was guiding the war. I know through Griffins excellent "The Politics Of Cancer Therapy" that I.G Farbin was one of the main German Industrial camps through which money and technology was flowing from Wall Street.

Their was not a single wholly German owned company that gave to Hitler. For example Seimens. A giant electronics manufacturer...never gave a cent.

I would like to know who was the specific point man of the German Industrialists liasing with U.S interests...flowing to Hitler and the Nazi apparatus.

Undoubtably Hitler upset someone as he had 30 recorded attampts on his life from 1937 on. That he escaped all of them makes one wonder on the concept of divine intervention.

Oh what a tangled web we weave...
The Bush family could answer your question since Prescott Bush and his mentor Herbert Walker were bound up with I. G. Farbin. Also the British Royal Family since The Duke of Windsor made money through currency manipulation with the Germans during the war.
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