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Default Re: biblically speaking!

You asked about what signs of morality are left in America. That's a really good question, and I really had to ponder how it is that one would assess the signs of morality. America is, after all, a big place.

We can look to the media for signs, but if we judge signs based on television shows and films in theatres, the signs would be pretty bleak. Same with the mainstream news, for the most part.
Still, there are great human interest stories that occasionally make their way into the news, and signs of morality can be found there. Stories about couples who stay together through thick and thin. Parents who work hard to teach their children morals, despite what's against them. Young unmarried women who choose to have their babies instead of abort them. And despite the great horror and injustice of the New Orleans disaster, there was a great outpouring of compassion toward the people of New Orleans, and there were many stories of survivors, black and white, who went to great lengths to help each other, as often happens in disasters.

We can also look for signs in our own families, friendships and community. These are first hand signs, as opposed to the second-hand signs in the media. This is where I see the most signs.

Akbar, when you leave your home and venture out onto the streets of your city, what is your attitude toward white non-Muslims around you? Do you see them as children of God, like yourself? If every white person in your community were to suddenly convert to Islam, would you suddenly love them? Would all of your anger and resentment towards whites melt away?
What motivates you the most, Akbar? Your love for God and humanity? Or you great anger and resentment towards whites?
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