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Default Re: Ever Wondered What Happened to the Fifty Six Men Who Signed the Declaration of Independence?

And think of the implications of a "New Aristocracy" if in fact it was to be born in a new country: a vast new land of unimaginable resources? And then the citizens, those ungrateful boors, decide that the New World Order is a bunch of hooey and want to retain the sovereign borders of these United States. What then? What if by some miracle the pleasure-sodden masses wake from the glassy-eyed slumber, wipe the drool away, and decide that Democracy is really the way to go after all? Will all the grandiose language of a better tomorrow under the tutelage of the NWO gurus evaporate in the heat of a pure-hearted passion for what this country originally stood for? Or maybe we are here to give the world a better cheezeburger? Do you want fries with that? Do you? DO YOU, PUNK???
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