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Default Re: Who Needs Jobs? WE DO!!!

Who Needs A Job ??? - :-o :-o :-o

I Do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need A Job.

I was doing very well & well above average, but Bush's got me locked-out of the job market. I've never had a problem ever before in my entire life, but since Bush's "Free-Trade-Agreement Policies," combined /w the “Job-Less Recovery,” & the “outsourcing, insourcing, offshoring, legal illegal-immigration, & all kinds of worker’s visas,” has got me & 100’s of thousands & 10’s of millions of others “Out-Of-A-Job,” or “OOW” (Out-Of-Work). From my personal research, I expect there are over 25 million people, & probably much more, who have lost their jobs & are now displaced, since Bush took office. The unemployment rate is a complete misrepresentation of the “real unemployment” crisis. It only reflects that percentage of the “workforce” that are collecting an unemployment check. All others that, for whatever reason do not qualify, did not apply, of just fell out of the “unemployment” loop, do not get counted. In other words, 90% percent of the workforce could be literally out of work, & the if the unemployment offices are only paying unemployment checks to 5% of that workforce, then the “unemployment rate” reported is only, you guessed it, 5 percent. All others are “unaccounted” or just “forgotten.”

So there “Bush,” we could be “screaming out loud,” letting you & the rest of your (kind of) people that we need to make a “decent” living, here in the U.S.A. & you just don’t care. As long as you guys have it well, & well beyond anyone’s real needs, you guys could care less. In the mean time, you just continue to mislead the “masses” into thinking that “everything” is well, when you & everyone of us that are “aware” know that “things,… are just not well at all.”

Failing “Americans”, failing “America”, & failing “the rest of the “World’s” peoples. You (Bush) are only helping the 1% of the population that lives in opulence.”
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