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Default The Mind of America

Read the text below. This was a response to a casual comment in a internet list about the role of the US in the New World Order. The guy thought I was attacking his country and demanded a "trial' to expell me from the list. Check the tone of his words. Is this nuts or what ?

That's the kind of mind we have to face. The neoCons and the conservative rednecks will die before letting ANY goodsense enter their minds.

America will go down the drain, but not before taking everybody else along.



The trial will now begin. I address you now in the role of a prosecutor.

Saturnino has directly challenged (a) my authority, and (b) my very
right to hold that authority. By so doing, he has challenged each and
every one of you.

You C-A-N-N-O-T let that stand.

Those of you who have known me since the list began, know that I am very
direct. A wrongheaded, mendacious, and vicious attack against my country
constitutes an attack against me personally for being a natural-born
citizen thereof.

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