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Default Re: Where Is The Feminine In Religion?

truebeliever wrote:
Forgive me for making this self evident statement...women give birth and carry the future potential of life but is woefully under represented.

I have trouble saying God created everything. God gave form. But where is the mention of the "primae materia"? Where are the women of the Bible besides being whores and incidental Mothers?

I can understand Catholicism wanting to balance out the trinity but it appears to have been done ad hoc. Carl Jung had a big hand in that.

What of the stories that Mary Magdeline was told by Christ at the tomb that she would carry on and be head of the Church? But that this was ripped from the Gospel?

What King does not have a Queen?

That she should be a despised and shunned whore.
Up for the gratifacation of men is instructful as that is the way men in general treat their feeling side and indeed their women. If it was'nt for this the feminazi's would never have gotton a foothold.

So learned religious scholars. Please enlighten me before breakfast.
Very good there, TB!
Did you know that those old, gothic, pointed churches were built to honor the 'feminine' as part of the god-head. And oh yes, behind closed doors, the Freemasons revere the woman/feminine as part of the deity. But in everday life, they cheat on them left and right. The trinity is no other than male, female, and spirit.
Of course then there's: mind, body, spirit.
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