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Default Re: Jews are Americas salvation.

This isn't exactly a parable but it is a damn good example of America, Western Europe and Australia.

Those of you who have an "outside" dog, notice how he gets when he gets fleas, which are parasites. He can be running full tiilt and suddenly stop to bite or scratch a biting flea. After a while he will start doing strange things trying to dislodge the fleas that are slowly killing him.

If you don't do something to help the poor animal like perhaps flea powder or a dip, after a while he will have so many fleas (parasites) that he no longer runs and plays because they have sapped his strength. Before long he will die.

We are that dog. I leave it up to you to discern who the greatest group of parasites in the world are. We, as free nations, will soon be dead.
I hate it when they say, "He gave his life for his country." Nobody gives their life for anything. We steal the lives of these kids. We take it away from them. They don't die for the honor and glory of their country. We kill them."-- Admiral Gene LaRocque
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