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There are certain things the government doesn't want us to think about. Because it just might piss us off enough to unite and do something about. Sheeple don't think. Incapable of independent thought. Trained that way in their school system.

They desensitize until hopefully nothing raises an eyebrow and humanity will hopefully feel nothing for her fellow man. Get the picture?

Communicate. It is the family and the community that has to fight back. We are a little community here on this site. We throw things back and forth and question what we believe.

Imagine how many people will stumble onto this site and say, "Oh shit! I recognize what they are talking about. I've seen it in my life or a life I've been a part of. People are capable of recognizing what they have seen and have not understood, at the time.

The penny always drops and the lights come on.
People are being enlightened as me and you chat back and forth. Isn't that cool? It doesn't matter whether they agree of disagree. They are thinking. And that just might stir up a few emotions. And that just might lead to action.

Ever see the kids movie Antz? So few grasshoppers preying on so many ants. Give us your food. Your children will be our slaves.

And then it all changed because these little old hands used creativity of thought, necessity - the mother of all invention, to stand up and expose the weakness of the grasshoppers.

The lenient nature of sentences our government friends, who are the pedophiles, dish out must be brought into mainstream awareness and questioned.

I think that question transcends all religion and could topple the world government, as it is.

That is what I believe. And I have enough faith for the whole world. My faith in God comes through the love of Jesus Christ.

For he loved the world so he gave his only begotten son. This man came and preached love and understanding. He did nothing wrong. He performed miracles, through God, in the name of love and faith.

I am reminded of the marines testimony of a Falluja checkpoint. The marine held up his fist, which meant stop to him, but solidaity to most of the rest of the world. They drove by and the marines open fired as ordered.

One man exited the vehicle crying, "Why did you kill my brother? What did he do to you?"

The Marine questioned what he was doing and left to write of the civilian horror being endured by the Iraqi people, Cristian and Moslem alike.

Pray for peace

Mary XXX
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