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Default Re: I agree Henry, bar 1 point...

I would disagree strongly regarding the vast amount of pedophiles being heterosexual...

When a man is having sex with a male child he can pretend that he is heterosexual while the crime he commitiing is a homosexual act, on a child.

There are many male on male attacks, female on female attacks and just as many heterosexual pedophilic attacks.

I lived in San diego for six years. You don't have to sell me on gay people. I, persoanlly have no problem with a gay lifestyle. Everyone is entitled to their choice as long as both parties are of a REASONABLE consenting age.

95% of the gay men and friends I knew had homosexual encounters at a very young age... with men far older than themselves. I also have friends who were just born gay - they are the minority, by far.

I have no reason to lie about myself or my friends. Gay people are being used to further a very sick agenda, as sure as the United States are being set up as the world's biggest scapegoat.

I would trust Teddy, or I could name quite a few gay people I would trust to care for my children. I, persoanally, just do not believe it is a healthy lifestyle to sell in the media, when the message is directed towards the children.

If a person is gay, they are gay. And I certainly would not wish to swing or push that particular lifestyle on anyone as the best thing that happened in my life was having babies and you can't make a baby with two people of the same sex.

I believe gender roles are there for reason, to help establish and maintain a society - as simple as that.

I personally do not believe God has a problem with gay people. He loves everyone, especially the children. I think God has a problem with pedohiles.

Mary XXX

Just so you know, pedophiles are 90% proven to re-offend by their surveys and reports. I believe all pedophiles should be classed as dangerous offenders and completely isolated and segregated from society, once and for all time. I believe first world countries should take the lead in taking this stance.

Their sneaking it into the media so I think the penalty for said crime should also be ingrained through the grapevine, in people's minds.If pedophiles are dangerous offenders, then why is Canadian Law so lenient regarding their crimes? Is this the way our politicians lean? I believe so!
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