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Default Re: The Nazi Bush Regime


How are ANY of these different from the Soviet Union?

How are ANY of these different from any run of the mill thug?

How is a organization systematically dismantling the U.S social and economic fabric got ANYTHING to do with "nationalistic" behaviour? Are the "neo-cons" nationalistic with the continuation of the open border policies or sending the entire manufacturing base overseas?

Hitler and Mussolini looked after their people. Their economies boomed and in actual fact though Hitler hated the new expressionist art he actually BOOSTED the arts HUGELY during his tenure and new buildings on grand scales were built for the Olympics and in general. Massive infrastructure projects ended unemployment and for the first time every day Germans took paid for holidays and the youth I have seen interviewed talk of the joy in the youth movements.

And remember, this was done in fear of an ACTUAL enemy. The Godless, satanist Communist order just over the border with 5th columnist EVERWHERE and with 30,000 armoured vehicles and Stalins plan for a June 1942 roll over Western Europe to the Channel coast. Now official.

Even Chomsky laughs at the Neo-conservatives being "fascist". They are rightly Stalinist/Trotskyite/Leninist Imperialists who work for a foreign master.

The distinction is importent. You are in the hands of die hard Bolsheviks. Dont laugh!
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