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Default Rummy will get richer with Tamiflu


Roche, the manufacturer of Tamiflu, yesterday (12 OCT) stated that it would NOT allow for generic copies to be made (under license or not). (Tamiflu is an anti-viral medication not a vaccine. It works by sealing off infected host cells in humans, preventing the virus from spreading within the host but also 'jumping' to another human.) Tamiflu is the only existing line of defense against the virus. For reasons discussed later, the vaccine situation is near hopeless. Swiss pharmaceuticals giant Roche, which acquired rights to the drug from Gilead Sciences Inc. of Foster City in 1996, said Wednesday it had no intention of letting others make it." (Ibid.)

This explanation is the first I have read as to what Tamiflu truly is and how it works. It prevents the virus from spreading from human to human! No wonder Tamiflu is in such demand! Can you imagine how terrified people would react to a shortage of this medicine? Many would riot, and some would kill, just to get access to Tamiflu.

In our Newsletter of November 5, 2005, (Paragraph VIII), we reported that President Bush's Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was named the Chairman of the Board of Gilead Sciences, a position he held until President Bush tapped him for his current Cabinet post. Not only does Rumsfeld still has up to $25 million invested in Gilead, but recent Stock Market advances for Gilead has poured at least 1 million additional dollars into his assets.

Furthermore, Gilead Sciences receives a continuing royalty of 10% for all Roche company shipments of Tamiflu. If you stood to gain so much from a global panic in which Tamiflu was the only life-saving antidote, wouldn't you be pleased to have United Nations health organizations and the President of the United States leading the conditioning to convince hundreds of millions of people worldwide that they must have that medicine or they would die? Your sales would go through the roof and your profits would bulge outward in greater proportion than the current profits of oil companies today.

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