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Default Re: Brazil rejects ban on guns - Huge NWO Setback


What a bunch of ABSTRACT...removed from reality WANK from both BOUNCER and WOLFF.

As an Registered Nurse picking up the fucking peices, I love it when those far too immersed in books and rhetoric wank on about the detailed machinations of the State and the PERFECT world we should be living in.

Rice burners?

BOUNCER you dissapoint me that you cant tell the real life difference between the two or is it just a throwaway line?

You're arguments are EXTREMIST. They are in the black and white catagory. We do not live in the Libertarian Utopia we all hope for. We live in a jungle which requires rules. Rules that should be in the hands of the people and also limited by the people. The people do not wish to participate and we get tyrranny.

Kudo's too the Brazilians who took it in their hands and shoved it back in the Globalists face.

You can have all the damn guns you want and I encourage you to fire them at the appropriate time...whenever that is. But in the end they will roll over you like they did the poor bastards in Fallugah.

Your guns will mean nothing, but if it makes you feel better...

For you two and many others their is no "reasonable" set of rules for living. Just the comforting black and white of an abstract argument.

Again, registering your fire arm is not a bad thing in the hands of local law enforcement. Even the fucking gangsters take the guns off their doped up mates when they get out of control.

It is NOT the crims that scare me. It's the depressed father who's ex-wife just took the kids. It's the "Meth'd" up weekend warrior post binge on the downer who, in your world, walzted in on a whim the day before and brought a Glock coz he thought it would be cool. He just shot 4 people in a psychotic haze from the top quality "Crystal Meth" from Asia.

I truly now consider you both quite insane and FAR removed from reality.

To honestly claim as you do, that ANYONE should at ANY time, have access to weapons simply astounds me. You both sure as hell have NO idea of the street and what is going on their on a daily basis outside you'r t.v sets.

As for the comment on the Oz Kahonas...matey, it's the Oz SAS constantly rescuing you'r INEPT armed forces in Afghanistan and Iraq so dont get too cocky. America is STILL the laughing stock of the world of the armed forces. Even you'r own Gunnary SRGT's in East Timor dont want to go back to the Marines after serving with Oz forces.

The motto of the American Armed Forces is still, as it ALWAYS has been..."Fire and Sitdown, call in the artillary/airforce - order some ice cream". A new add on can be..."Video the action for Ogrish".

In closing, when the perfect world arrives we can have whatever toys we want. But when it arrives we wont want them. We'll be too busy living.

I dont want to live in "their" world and i CERTAINLY dont want to live in "yours".
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