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Default Re: thread on economic colapse in Argentina very informative

The situation in argentina is must know for all the aware. president kirchner has taken on the world bankers by stoping payments on the interest which by the way has paid the loan about 3 times over.

the powers that be have found a staunch contender but sadly i think the bankers will win. anyday now we will here of a coup or homicide.

in fact even though argentina has a large jewish population they are kept at bay because argentina has one of the highest numbers of aware people anywhere in the world execept for eastern russia mostly because of the huge numbers of german, spanish and east european people.

thanks to the represion (though unfortunlty indiscriminet) it wiped out manyt of the iluminati operatives.

the funny thing is that the world condems argentina because it was fighting an enemy more ruthless than they.
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