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Default Re: biblically speaking!

I think I mentioned in my last post. That Allah has already stated in the Quran that those Christians who hold onto the teachings of the gospel will be awarded with heaven. You bring up race, which is reinforced by the trinity belief. When Jesus is seen as divine then you are in essence saying his race is also divine. All the pictures I see of him is of a white man. So the triniry belief is the biggest idol in America. It holds up all of the other small idols. It is a powerful psychology. So this is the true form of hate. The acceptance of one race over another one. The only way it can bring harmony for all the races is to state the truth that Jesus is a prophet who was sent to teach each individual how to evolve spiritually to the Christ nature that is within each human being. This belief has greater meaning and more fulfillment for humanity. The leaders of whites used the trinity belief to resurrect the white race and unify them finally by using Christanity. This gave birth to the superman concept. The Jews knew it was false. That is why in the movies they have superman's weakness being kyptonite, which represents divine knowledge.
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