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There is an interesting book on this subject. Has anyone read it?

The Islamic Invasion
Author: Dr. Robert A. Morey
ISBN: 1931230070

Knock out Islam's three main pillars

Islam is the world's second largest and fastest growing religion. Across America, mosques are shooting up in record numbers. To reach Muslims with the gospel, you must first shake their faith in their religion, Islam. This well-researched book provides a wealth of information on Islam, and shreds it's 3 main pillars, proving that:

* Allah is NOT the God of the Bible
* Muhammad was not God's prophet
* The Koran doesn't contain the words of God


* Why Muhammad tried to commit suicide (pg. 72)
* Why Allah CAN'T be the God of the Bible (pg.62)
* Muhammad's two great personal weaknesses (pg. 84)
* One of Muhammad's wives was 8 years old (pg. 86)
* Where the Koran REALLY came from (pg. 110)
* Why the Koran can't contain God's words (ch. 8-9)
* The importance of the crescent moon symbol (pg. 51)


Part One: The Nature of Islam
1. A Modern Parable
2. The Key To Islam
Part Two: The Cultural Background of Islam
3. Pre-Islamic Arabia
4. The Cult of the Moon God
Part Three: The God of Islam
5. Allah and the God of the Bible
Part Four: The Prophet of Islam
6. The Life of Muhammad
7. Muhammad and Jesus Christ
Part Five: The Sacred Book of Islam
8. The Structure of the Quran
9. Muslim Claims for the Quran
10. A Scientific Examination of the Quran
Part Six: The Nation of Islam
11. The Black Muslim Movement in America

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