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Default Re: This is how you can defeat the new world order

WithoutFear wrote:
LaDominio wrote:
Although i agree with your methods of 'world peace', the sad reality is that there will always be violent opposition in every revolution. Even to one as righteous as this. Violence is regrettably necessary, but not on a mass scale. In this situation, you need to "cut the head off the snake". Take out the leaders by any means possible because its the leaders that mould our corrupted society, and controll the opposing forces (army, police etc). People (in general) dont really think for themselves. The evil and stupid things they do are influenced by bad temptations that have been promoted as 'good', so that profits can be made. An "oldschool" revolution must take place. Greed filled men will pay for there sins with harsh judgment. And after all opposition is quelled, a new society must be made with great care, a new world.
Unfortunately, your method is flawed. It is near impossible to find out who is really running things (at the top of the control pyramid). Violence always brings more violence. You can only achieve peace by understanding. If we kill them, we are no better than they. The only way to stop them is to gain knowledge and spread it. Stop supporting the corporations as much as you can. Learn to be self sufficient. Stop depending on their systems to sustain yourself. That would be a start.
Yes, I would agree with this more. My views have changed since then.

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