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Default Re: Thinking about joining, anyone with me?

Yes Get Real, you're right.

In an effort to be sensationalist i forgot the boring way.

You will only ever be admitted to the lower levels.

Also these woman are probably Lezzo's or bisexual and think you're a bit of all right. They like the young ones in...i'm not trying to offend.

These people are into ALL sorts of great stuff!

She may have just liked you. Again, you'll never progress past the lower levels.

Besides these Elite need helper bee's.

In the end these people are human.

Many have lovely qualities. They are not pure evil.

There great evil is far more banal. The evil that wants to knock off %80 per cent of us in the name of common sense and reason.

Others however...take the Belgium child rape/killing/kidnapping ring...are pure EVIL. They cover all areas of life.

Ironically I have known hard core high up drug dealers who are the most generous and kind human beings I have ever met. I did not like what they did.

Ironically, Judges...some of the most twisted evil kiddie fiddler scum you will ever meet put them in jail. The "Purple Circle" is filled with homosexuals and perverts of the highest order that the Belgium case brought out. High order Free masons one and all.

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