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Default Re: The Kol Nidre - or Why People Say "Never Trust a Jew"

Of course you are right about all Freemasonic lodges being under the B'nai Brith and the implications of Kol Nidre on those oaths of jews as Freemasons become obvious.

My greatest concern is not for those adult children in their dark rooms regurgitating their mumbo jumbo for an advantage (or so they think) in the business or political world. The pathetic part of that is they are trying to be more like the jew.

My real concern is that the people of the world do not understand the peculiar "morality" of the jew, and, as a result allow them into their governments, grant them the power to control their currency and determine it's value and reserve "chairs" for them in their institutions of higher learning. Any one of the above would prove detrimental to a nation, but the combination of all three spells that nation's doom.

The Eastern Roman Empite lasted 1,000 years longer than did the Western because they did not allow jews into those three areas.

As I said, in effect, in the earlier post, the jew is for the jew. Period. In his eyes the goy (non-jew) is a sheep waiting for the jewish shearer; cattle waiting to be milked or slaughtered.

In my younger years I wondered why the jew had been expelled from so many countries and was held in such low regard. Over the years I have researched that question and the answer now becomes clear.

The jews are destroyers, they say as much themselves. Nothing we can do will ever satisfy them, they demand a world of their own. Notice, I did not say a country of their own, they want the world.

Christianity could be considered their "ace in the hole" because Christians close their eyes to the attrocities committed by the jew and wait for Jesus' return to straighten out his father's "chosen people."

Christians are spat upon in the streets of Jerusalem and even physically attacked but like indulgent parents, the blind, deaf and dumb so-called followers of Christ overlook it.

Christians ignore the plight of the Palestinians, a captive people whom the jew kills at his pleasure. Their aim is to eradicate them, again, they have said as much themselves.

Christians do not even believe Jesus' own words in their New Testament. How's that for brainwashed? He threw the jewish money changers out of the Temple, he castigated jews in the street and called them liars, said their father was the Devil and the works of their father they would do, said they had killed the prophets. He did not go into certain towns "for fear of the jew." Well, there's a whole lot more but it would be as wasted here as it is in it's original source.

At this point I do not believe there is much hope for awakening the sleeping masses. I will keep trying for I can do no less.

The jew is to be congratulated, he has done his work well. The world is falling into his hands like a ripe plums, just as they prophesied.

Follow the Zundel trial for a look at the future of justice in the jews' world. Can't happen here? IT ALREADY HAS!!!
I hate it when they say, "He gave his life for his country." Nobody gives their life for anything. We steal the lives of these kids. We take it away from them. They don't die for the honor and glory of their country. We kill them."-- Admiral Gene LaRocque
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