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You tell him, madkhao.
Hello, Yeoshua. I've been expecting you. The Evil Craft never leaves any uncriticism unchallenged for long, do they?
There are volumes I could write in rebuttal, but it is only necessary to address a few points, two most prominently.
First, when you, of course, berated us all on the thread about secret signs and symbols for not knowing what we were talking about, you then listed a link to My own post listing secret signs and symbols, including the ubiquitous "Grand Hailing Sign of Distress" WAS CUT AND PASTED FROM FREEMASONRYWATCH.ORG.
Tsk, tsk, lack of attention to detail is such a sloppy habit, but understandable from those operating from a controlled mindset, such as cult members.
As for Hitler, he was a Freemason himself (or Thules society, one of their offshoots), and his alleged persecution of Masonic lodges was largely a ruse; mostly Jewish lodges were targeted, and there are numerous documented instances of Nazi collaboration with Freemasonry. Like George W. Bush, he tried to appease the Religious Right by convincing them that he was attacking all of their enemies, i. e., pornographers, drug dealers, and yes, even the occult, while he secretly colluded with these groups to his own aggrandizement and then discarded them ruthlessly before they could undermine or doublecross him -- a la the Night of the Long Knives.
As far as the post asking me about the Masons' low membership numbers (40,000 total), I frankly don't believe it. I could find you that many Masons within a fifty mile radius of where I am sitting right now. IMHO they deliberately understate their membership to keep from alarming people. If, as we are told by their own defectors, the Illuminati are only 1% of the population, and there are more Masons than Illuminati (since few Masons advance to their ranks), and if we factor in that they have completely infiltrated the political, judicial and corporate spheres, how can 40,000 even begin to approach a realistic tally?
Finally, I would point to DarkChilde's description of his attempt to join up with the Craft. All Masons are subjected to the same paganistic rituals, no lodge is permitted to utter the name of Jesus in prayers or what passes for their worship services, and all are sworn to blood oaths requiring them to show preferential treatment to all brothers, regardless of other considerations. Even if a fellow Mason is a thief, swindler, pedophile -- or even a murderer in the upper degrees -- members are required to both keep his secrets and do everything in their power to aid him, including lying, even perjury on a witness stand. That a country like the United States of America which has enacted legislation against racketeering, discrimination and covert terrorist groups should permit a secret society like Freemasonry to operate unimpeded is unconscionable and can only point toward a much larger conspiracy encompassing all of society.
And yes, there may be a certain number of "nice people" filling out the ranks of Freemasonry's lower degrees, but they still have to be aware of the paganism, blood oaths and fraternal collusion involved, so I don't hold them blameless. I can only assume that most hang on for the fringe benefits, i. e., material success and that "secret edge" they have on everyone else.
That's enoug for now. Hurry back, Yeoshua. I have so much more to discuss with you.
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