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Default Re: French Far-Right Leader: Riots Only the Start

Yes, this is the awful result of a cruel man using fear as his tool. Le Pen is obviously using this situation to cause as much trouble as possible, hoping for chaos. If chaos ever erupts, he will revel in it, since his mind is of the brutal kind that cannot stand the love for civilization and respectful cooperation amongst different kinds and different minds. The French way has for too long tried to make everyone "french" and just forgot everybody that just obviously isn't. In our new world this is a most destructive idea.

Le Pen doesn't seem to love all life and respect all minds, rather he is full of disdain and contempt. The fascistic idea that people deserve what they have been born into is a medieval and, franctly, untalented ideology. I fear people like Le Pen because they act with the same reasoning as a reptile, they will eat their young if hungry enough.
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