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Default Re: Allah as quoted by Muhammad

LaDominio wrote:
I see both of you are doing exactly what Satan would have; fighting over religion.

You must realize that a book cannot tell you of God.

All forms of religion sum up into a constant. It is that which you should focus on, if you choose a book to govern your morals and beliefs. But a book can seem to be the simple truth? It is a complication of it.


1. you used a Hebrew word "Satan"

2. you used a word that does not exist in the Hebrew

language because it has no purpose or usefullness

for mankind (religion)

3. the "old testament" is soaked in mathematics

to dispell any possiblity that it was authored

by mere humans.

4. try to find someone smarter than this guy to

prove the above statements false.

Ben Bernanke the new chief of the Federal Reserve.

In the God of the Hebrews He trusts.

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