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Default Re: Allah as quoted by Muhammad

psholtz wrote:
Just for the record, I would barely characterize Ben Bernanke as an "intelligent" individual. A lair?, perhaps. A criminal?, almost certainly.. I don't see how anyone could get a job "teaching" "economics" (<- using both those words quite loosely in Bernanke's case) at Princeton, much less being chairman of the Fed in any other way.

But I would hardly characterize Bernanke himself as "intelligent".. Certainly the books he's published merit no such honor. My 12-year-old nephew probably has a deeper and more profound comprehension of the Great Depression than what you'll find in Bernanke's piece-of-garbage work on that subject. At the very least, I would hope that Bernanke at least *knows* that what he wrote in the book was just one lie after another lie after another lie after another lie, but sometimes you really have to wonder if these criminals understand even that much..
Yet with all those short comings, the goyim and

the Muslims were outsmarted to one of the most

powerful monetary position in the world AGAIN.

How would you explain this pshlotz ?
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