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Thanx for giggles freeman, needed a laugh today.

It is the brilliant minds and beautiful hearts that keep me here. I am just typing along with what I feel and sooner or later I am going to tell someone to fuck off and then I will be banned, so I can't do that, although I could do that in real life.

That's what I don't like about life, when I can't be myself and I have to pretend to be nice. I can't do it. I'm no good at being fake. I am naturally nice and when I'm fucked off, it's generally for good reason, and then I can be a class A bitch. And sometimes I swear as I feel the situation warrants a few curse words.

I'm rambling now and it just really pisses me off when smarmy assholes hide behind their nice words of condemnation, hiding their intentions that I can clearly sense, even in cyber space.

Know what I mean?

Mary XXX
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