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Default Re: The Kol Nidre - or Why People Say "Never Trust a Jew"

Just two nice, everyday semites who don't believe free speech should be allowed unless someone in government approves it. Guess the ADL will go on the dole, too, then.

Most times "anti-semitism" is simply an unpleasant truth the jew would rather you not know.

I do not hate jews, I hate what they do.

They are destroyers, racists, elitists, Communists, anti-life and anti-personal freedom for everyone but themselves.

They day they are no longer as described, Welcome to the Neighborhood.

8. Leonard said:

I understand that most of the revisionist/hate websites originate in the United States.In most countries in Europe such incitement would constitute a criminal offence. Apparently, not so in the USA. What sort of pressure can be bought to bear to close such sites down? or is the right to spew anti-semitic hatred enshrined in the American constitution.

Posted by: Leonard on October 27, 2005 06:33 PM

9. BobW said:

Shalom Leonard,

No pressure can work as yet. The US is not ready. The USG recognizes the problem and is addressing it. Still, it is only one of many problems within the US as the country restructures from the New Deal programs of pre WWII.

Two months ago America Offline (AOL) signed an agreement with Department of Homeland Security to do something more than liaison. I believe the AOL counterparts will also be "encouraged" to sign up with the DHS program.

From what I can make of it, the web monitoring/blocking programs resemble the banks and financial institutions' screening and reporting requirements.

The US is in no way ready to take action on anything eminating from eg the AOL-DHS program. The enforcement apparatus is still in preparation.

It's going to take a long lead time - with the presumption that things remain on schedule - to address the hate programs on the web. Let's envision AOL reporting to DHS a clear case of illegal hate; ie hatred with explicit threats of violence from a group with the means to act on their threats. Envision the case is developed and turned over to the Justice Dept for prosecution. Now, what happens when the senior political echelon tells the Justice Dept NOT to prosecute the case because it will trigger the relocation of an investment with a jobs program from the US to elsewhere. This is what's going on today. I support Senator Arlen Spector for his responsible maneuvering of the Judiciary Committee to maintain US political stability and adjusting other matters accordingly.

The USG (Executive Branch) recognizes all of this and is responding in tandem with the Senate. We have institutions from prior eras. It is very difficult to close them down and build modern vehicles to address the dangers such as antisemitism, terrorism in general and sophisticated crimes.

Look at America's military academies. They are now approximations of British finishing schools and very expensive to maintain. The US even continues to keep it's Merchant Marine Academy as a Naval reserve program, even though the US all but eliminated it's US flag fleet.

The computer and web is a modern telegraph and shortwave radio program. The real matters are just two fields not having changed from prior times: personnel and finance.

Again, the US is not ready to take on the web. The USG is working very fast to do this. I could not do anything faster or even suggest from the sidelines how to accelerate things. The pace is very fast.

Kol tuv,

I hate it when they say, "He gave his life for his country." Nobody gives their life for anything. We steal the lives of these kids. We take it away from them. They don't die for the honor and glory of their country. We kill them."-- Admiral Gene LaRocque
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