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Default Re: Who Wrote the Koran?

Akbar wrote:
Again another weak argument from you. You quoted the holy Quran to state that Allah says to beat women. When I Quote the Bible it says to kill both women and their infants. If you knew the bible says this type of nonsense, you would not have quoted from the holy Quran because you would have known that anything quoted from the holy Quran is even worst in the Bible. I already know you need to learn.
A snake tried to teach in the Garden of Eden and failed to do anything but cause misery, since you, of your own words, follow this snake how is it that you could teach any better. Islam is a religion of death because it was dictated by the Angel of Death. This is no argument but a fact proven by the very actions of Islam. We told you we are neither Jewish, Christian, Islamic or of any religion. We are described in your own Holy Book, learn who we are.
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