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Default Re: Things Are Getting Curiouser And Curiouser Down Under

Well well well...three holes in the ground.

Hmmm, the 33rd you say.

Maybe I'll sell out "They Live" style. Get myself one of those cool watches.

I'm not a numbers man but I know they just love them.

Oz can be picked for reasons other than direct knowledge. Simple demographics.

I guess South America and places like Brazil will be partying on as well.

BTW i'm in Perth West Oz. Sydney's parse.

Large tracts of land in the gigantic wheat belt area have been bought up over the last 30 years. It's increased in intensity lately.

Lots of Plymouth Bretheren...are they kosher?

Also Perth has an unusual number of occult gatherings in the hills. Adelaide to suffers from this. Way beyond their local populations.
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