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Default Re: The Hippocratic Oath

There is a fine line I find myself personally walking on subjects such as these. One is the tendency to "psychologalise" or be "reductionist" when faced with things of the "other world" which usually begins with..."oh thats nothing but...", or the opposite where there is a "over literalization" of images and stories.

If you are waiting for the horned one to appear in a rock and roll wrestling match with the Ark Angel Michael then you will be dissapointed. The devil is YOU when you are seperate from God. When the ego feels no need for the balancing effect of "reflection" and "doubt". Where "feeling", kept at bay by the arrogant ego, cannot balance an ego flapping about in the air completely distanced from the events the will of man creates every day both big and small.

For example, Robert McNamara is directly and indirectly responsible for the deaths of perhaps 4 million innocent men, women and children. Not bad going for the Supreme Rationalist of our time who now states with a tear in his eye that "the rational cannot save us". But according to him the U.N can. Any horns on him? Was he frothing at the mouth when he signed off on the firebombings of Japan. Nice boys from Minnesota one and all.

Satan resides in our political, financial and intellectual Elite who are so in love with their own rational intellects they intend on ridding us of that pesky God once and for all. With a sheer act of will and a rewriting of a Constitution or two. They are filled with Lucifers pride, the fallen star.

In large part the Churches have sealed their own fate as they became bastions of Earthly power and gave the peasants NO tools to know God and most of all what God wants with us in our time here. So now they tootle off to the Wicca Conventions or worship the State or are viaing for the Revoloution down at the Green Left meetings. All because the average Church will put you to sleep.

The material world in which we live is so dry and dead with the ousting of the Pagans and their every day experience of the Gods that people are looking EVERWHERE for a thrill whether it be getting off their heads on Meth and fucking ten people in a night or whichever form of depraved behaviour you can possibly think of. Anything to know they're alive.

The Kingdom Of God Is Within You. Christ knew it. When are the Churches going to give the people the tools to realise Christs most profound statement?

Or is being a good little boy and girl enough from the Churches? If all we want are good little girls and boys maybe people should convert to Islam. Keep your wife inline with the whippings eh Ahmed?

[img align=left][/img]Mans relation to God probably has to undergo a certain important change: Instead of the propitiating paraise to an unpredictable King or the childs prayer to a loving Father, the responsable living and fulfilling of the divine will in us will be our form of worship and commerce with God.

His goodness means grace and light and his dark side the terrible temptation of power.

Man has already receieved so much knowledge that he can destroy his own planet.

Let us hope that Gods good spirit will guide him in his decisions because it will depend upon mans decision whether God's creation will continue.

Nothing shows more drastically than this possibility how much of divine power has come within the reach of man.

C.G Jung. 1956
The dogma represents the soul more completely than a scientific theory, for the latter expresses and formulates the conscious mind alone. Furthermore, a theory can do nothing but formulate a living thing by abstract notions. The dogma, on the contrary, expresses aptly the living process of the unconscious in the form of the drama of repentance, sacrifice and redemption. It is rather astonishing, from this point of view, that the Protestant schism could not have been avoided. But since Protestism has become the creed of the adventurous Germanic tribes with their characteristic curiosity, acquisitiveness and recklessness, it seems to be possible that their peculiar character could not quite agree with the peace of the church, at least not for any length of time. It looks as if they were not quite prepared to have a process of salvation happen to them and for a submission to a deity crystalised in the magnificent structure of the church.

There was perhaps, to much of the Imperium Romanun or of the Pax Romana in the church, too much, at least for their energies that were and are still insufficiently domesticated.

It is quite likely that they were in need of an unmitigated and less controlled experience of God, as often happens to adventuress and restless people, too youthful for any form of conservatism or resignation. They removed therefore, the intercessation of the church between God and man, some more and some less. Owing to the abolition of protective walls the Protestant has lost the sacred images expressive of important unconscious factors, together with the ritual, which since time immemorial, has been a safe way of dealing with the unaccountable forces of the unconscious mind.

A great amount of energy thus became liberated and went instantly into the old channels of curiosity and acquisitiveness, by which Europe became the Mother of Dragons that devoured the greater part of the earth.

Since those days Protestantism has become a hotbed of schisms and at the same time, of a rapid increase of science and technics which attracted human consciousness to such an extent that it forgot the unnacountable forces of the unconscious mind.

The catastrophe of the great war and the subsequent manifestations of a profound mental disturbance were needed to arouse a doubt that everything was well with the white mans mind. When the war broke out we had been quite certain that the world could be righted by rational means. Now we behold the amazing spectacle of the States taking over the age old claim of theocracy, that is, of totality, inevitably accompanied by suppression of free opinion.

We see again people cutting each others throats to support childish theories of how to produce paradise on earth. It is not very difficult to see the powers of the underworld - not to say of hell - which were formerly more or less successfully chained and made serviceable in a gigantic mental edifice, are now creating, or trying to create, a State slavery and a State prison devoid of any mental or spiritual charm. There are not a few people, nowadays, who are convinced that mere human reason is not entirely up to the task of fettering the volcano.

This whole development is fate. I would not blame Protestantism or the Renaissance for it. But one thing is certain - that modern man, Protestant or not, has lost the protection of the ecclesiaticaql walls carefully erected and reinforced since Roman days, and on account of that loss has approached the zone of world destroying and world creating fire. Life has become quickened and intensified. Our world is permeated by restlessness and fear.

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