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Default Re: How The Qur'an Came To Be

Appendix 28
of the Authorized English translation of the Quran by Dr. Rashad Khalifa

The first revelation was "Read," and included the statement "God teaches by means of the pen" (96:1-4), and the second revelation was "The Pen" (68:1). The only function of the pen is to write.

Ignorant Muslim scholars of the first two centuries after the Quran could not understand the Quran's challenge to produce anything like it. They had no idea about the Quran's mathematical composition, and they knew that many literary giants could have composed works comparable to the Quran.

In fact, many such literary giants did claim the ability to produce a literary work as excellent as the Quran. The latest claim came from Taha Hussein, the renowned Egyptian writer.

The ignorant Muslim scholars then decided to proclaim Muhammad an illiterate man! They figured that this would make the Quran's extraordinary literary excellence truly miraculous. The word they relied on to bestow illiteracy upon the Prophet was "UMMY." Unfortunately for those "scholars," this word clearly means "Gentile," or one who does not follow any scripture (Torah, Injeel, or Quran) [see 2:78, 3:20 & 75, 62:2]; it does NOT mean "illiterate."

The Prophet was a successful merchant. The "Muslim scholars" who fabricated the illiteracy lie forgot that there were no numbers during the Prophet's time; the letters of the alphabet were used as numbers. As a merchant dealing with numbers every day, the Prophet had to know
the alphabet, from one to one-thousand. The Quran tells us that Muhammad wrote down the Quran - Muhammad's contemporaries are quoted as saying,
"These are tales from the past that he wrote down. They are being
dictated to him day and night" (25:5).
You cannot "dictate" to an illiterate person. The Prophet's enemies who accuse him of illiteracy abuse Verse 29:48, which relates specifically to
previous scriptures.

On the 27th night of Ramadan 13 B.H. (Before Hijerah), Muhammad the soul, the real person, not the body, was summoned to the highest universe
and the Quran was given to him (2:97, 17:1, 44:3, 53:1-18, 97:1-5).
Subsequently, the angel Gabriel helped Muhammad release a few verses of the Quran at a time, from the soul to Muhammad's memory. The Prophet wrote down and memorized the verses just released into his mind.

When the Prophet died, he left the complete Quran written down with his own hand in the chronological order of revelation, along with specific instructions as to where to place every verse. The divine instructions recorded by the Prophet were designed to put the Quran together into the final format intended for God's Final Testament to the world (75:17).

The early Muslims did not get around to putting the Quran together until the time of Khalifa Rashed `Uthmaan. A committee was appointed to carry out
this task. Read Appendix 24 for the details.

Excerpt from Appendix 24, Tampering with the word of God

A superhuman mathematical system pervades the Quran and serves to guard and authenticate
every element in it.
Nineteen years after the Prophet's death, some scribes injected two false verses at the end of
Sura 9, the last sura revealed in Medina.The evidence presented in this Appendix incontro-
vertibly removes these human injections, restores the Quran to its pristine purity, and illustrates a major funtion of the Quran's mathematical code, namely, to protect the Quran from the slightest tampering. Thus, the code rejects ONLY the false injections 9:128-129.

"Surely, we have revealed this scripture, and surely, we will preserve it." [ 15:9 ]

The Quran is God's Final Testament. Hence the divine pledge to keep itperfectly preserved. To assure us of both the divine authorship, and the perfect preservation of the Quran, the Almighty author has rendered the Quran mathematically composed. As proven by the physical evidence in Appendix 1, such mathematical composition is far beyond human capabilities. The slightest violation of God's Final Testament is destined to stand out in glaring disharmony. A deviation by only 1 - one sura, one verse, one word, even one letter - is immediately exposed.

Nineteen years after the Prophet Muhammad's death, during the reign of Khalifa `Uthman, a committee of scribes was appointed to make several copies of the Quran to be dispatched to the new Muslim lands. The copies were to be made from the original Quran which was written by Muhammad's hand (Appendix 28).

This committee was supervised by `Uthman Ibn `Affaan, `Ali Ibn Abi Taaleb, Zeid Ibn Thaabet, Ubayy Ibn Ka`ab, `Abdullah Ibn Al-Zubair, Sa`eed Ibn Al-`Aas, and `Abdul Rahman Ibn Al-Haareth Ibn Heshaam. The Prophet, of course, had written the Quran in its chronological order of revelation (Appendix 23), together with the necessary instructions to place every piece in its proper position. The last sura revealed in Medina was Sura 9. Only Sura 110, a very short sura, was revealed after Sura 9, in Mina.

The committee of scribes finally came to Sura 9, and put it in its proper place. One of the scribes suggested adding a couple of verses to honor the Prophet. The majority of scribes agreed. `Ali was outraged. He vehemently maintained that the word of God, written down by the hand of His final prophet, must never be altered.

Ali's protest is documented in many references, but I cite and reproduce here the classic reference AL ITQAAN FEE 'ULUM AL QURAN by Jalaluddin Al-Suyuty, Al-Azhareyyah Press, Cairo, Egypt, 1318 AH, Page 59 [see Insert 1].

Translation: `Ali was asked: "Why are you staying home?" He said, "Something
has been added to the Quran, and I have pledged never to put on my street clothes,
except for the prayer, until the Quran is restored." [ Insert 1 ]

The horrendous dimensions of this crime can be realized once we look at the consequences:

(1) `Uthman was assassinated, and `Ali was installed as the fourth Khalifa.

(2) A 50-year war erupted between the new Khalifa and his supporters on one side, and the Mohammedan distorters of the Quran on the other side.

(3) `Ali was martyred, and eventually his family, the prophet Muhammad's family, except for some women and children, were killed.

(4) The disaster culminated in the infamous Battle of Karbala, where `Ali's son, Hussein, and his family were massacred.

(5) The Muslims were deprived of the pure, unaltered, Quran for 1400 years.

The distorters of the Quran finally won the war, and the "official" history that came to us represented the victors' point of view. This apparent victory for God's enemies was, of course, in accordance with God's will. In just two decades after the Prophet's death, the idol worshipers who were defeated by the Prophet in the conquest of Mecca (632 AD) reverted to idolatry. Ironically, this time around their idolwas the Prophet himself. Such idol worshipers obviously did not deserve to possess the pure Quran. Hence the blessed martyrdom of the true believers who tried to restore the Quran, and the apparent victory for the distorters of God's word.

The first peace time ruler after this lengthy and disastrous war was Marwan Ibn Al Hakam (died 65 AH/684 AD). One of the first duties he performed was to destroy the original Quran, the one that was so scrupulously written by the Prophet's own hand, "fearing it might become the cause of NEW disputes" [see `ULUM AL-QURAN, by Ahmad von Denffer, Islamic Foundation, Leicester, United Kingdom, 1983, Page 56.]. The question an intelligent person must ask is: "If the original Quran were identical to the Quran in circulation at that time, why did Marwan Ibn Al-Hakam have to destroy it?!"........................
God\'s alternative, USN

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