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Default Re: Is Bible more History or Prophecy?

Daniel.. Here is a thought.. Back in the 60's I spent most of my energy trying to follow in the paths that God or Christ would have me walk in.. Never being concerned about where I would get my next meal, where I would stay, but just let the spirit guide me..

I was stoned on acid I think, and while in prayer asking the lord how would I be fed, I heard a voice that said jump and do a summersault in the air off of a sand dune on a beach. I jumped and when I landed in the sand in both hands I had a clam.

Not everything in this world operates in the standard manner in what science would dictate.. I believe there is something much bigger than just the physical sciences going on.

I think faith and love are keys to the doorway to perhaps another dimension.. Perhaps this is the Kingdom of Heaven. I suspect that this Kingdom is there for all religions and people of all faiths that love God.
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