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Default Re: The Bible and Racism


I read all four articles and my position
IS the libertarian position. I can answer
each of your objections one-by-one
but not write a 500 page response/book
covering every possible scenario on the first
It goes without saying that
an immigrant should have his own money
to spend and not be able to rob others to survive.
It goes without saying that if an immigrant rents a house or buys a house, that is being "invited"
and that he cannot just decide to crash at anyone's place.
It goes without saying that
an immigrant should obey local laws
and not be free to commit crimes
with no consequences.

Also you have to put statements in their
proper context.
When De Coster writes:
"It's true that open borders lead to more statism" she means "It's true that
open borders and a free-for-all welfare state
leads to more statism". She is not
saying that closed borders lead to less statism.

If you read all four papers carefully
you'll see that Kubby, De Coster, Hoppe
are pretty much in agreement against
the CIA Disinformation Specialist Buchanan.
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