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I asked for and expect respect and an equal footing here as everywhere else in my life.

Alas, for the few, as I expected, I don't get it.

You are pointing the finger of blame in the wrong place. Freemasonry is NOT a satanic cult, nor do the lower degrees follow any stanistic dogma.

Freeman - Two topics of discussion are NEVER permitted at a lodge meeting; Religon and Politics. Brawls, let alone wars can be started that way

It is fear of the unknown that is biting you, or maybe jealousy. I'm telling you this, you'd never recognise me in the street as being a Freemason, indeed how many Freemasons listen to the music of the KLF (Against the Illuminati controlled music industry) or

I have lived.

Anyone wants an intelligent conversation here, I'm more than happy to oblige, but if you want to berate me and to continue to walk with the blind mand then so be it, me, my eyes are wide fucking open to the evils of this world. And they ain't gonna be stopped by any number of fuckin Internet evengelists.

Do something real about it, boycot Exxon, boycot the elitist bastards, boycot non fairtrade food, Drive slowly on the motorway (freeway) 5 cars abreast, swap the barcodes on WalMart beans for Circle K.

By the way, while we're on about barcodes, the new testament says that everything that will be bought or sold will carry the number of lucifer.
A barcode is broken down into 3 groups of numbers, each called a six.

Interesting eh? except considering that the mark of Lucifer is actually 616. Falls apart doesn't it?

Get your inforamtion correct - then act. Don't just pontificate and wait for the inevitable.

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