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Hmmm...we must be annoying them.

Poor Youshwa...into the Lions Den!

Please note the Master Mason of Oz was on the telly a couple of days ago at the prestigious "Telstra Press Address".

When they come out of their holes you know somethings up.

I cut and pasted from the other link.

Someone must have smoked out the wasps nest.


Yes Yeoshua. There are only 3 degrees...

for the plebs.

I'll say this and no more...

The Masons as a whole are evil. The lower levels are indeed populated by decent men. And thats where they'll stay.

You will never progress.

By your talk you are a decent man.

The Masons worship reason...Lucifer.

Another gigantic body worships reason...THE CORPORATE ENTITY.

They believe with just a bit more computing power and a good spread sheet they will put God out of a job.

Twas reason that said..."you know, we need more profits. Chop down that forest and displace that villiage that has sat there for 2000 years. If the inhabitants dont like it kill them all, including the children".

Or this..."you know, a friend of mine from Israel over at the Pentagon reckons the Middle East needs reshuffling to lay the groundwork for Glabalization of the region"...

...secretary..."but sir that may kill tens of thousands of Iraqi's"!...

..."tut tut my dear. The end justify's the means. Without this the stock market will go bust and how will I finish off my 30 million dollar mansion"?

Thats Lucifer at work. Reason not balanced with feeling.

The Mason's abhor religion and it's mystery. Masons and all the others are populated by weak men who cannot stand the word 'doubt'.

They cannot stand alone before God. They are lonely, pathetic people who refuse to bow down to God. I repeat...GOD...not some religious organization.

Only fools do that. They worship reason and Lucifer. Take one look at WW2...theres what reason and the quest for power got us and theres more on the way.

Pure reason will justify culling billions to 'protect' the planets eco system. Pure reason will dictate who lives and who dies...are you useful to the state? You're in a wheel to the disrupter chamber for you!

And all because it makes perfect sense.

Great evils are done in the name of such banality.

The Masons are evil. PERIOD. They are also banal and populated with the biggest fools I have ever met.

Grandiose "Masters Of The Universe" COCKHEADS!

They know nothing of history and prefer a Tom Clancy novel to a book on ethics and morality or the works of the great masters like Socrates.

They are Plato's "Philosopher Kings", born to rule! But not willing to take the responsability!

They leave the responsibility to the corporation. An entity that cannot go to jail.

That absolves the CEO of responsibility and lets the worker bee's fall into the blessed oblivion of the child like state of the Garden Of Eden..."I'm not responsible! My boss told me to do it"!

....or..."the state told me to kill those Iraqi's and stick broom sticks up their arses"!

Want to finish off Lucifer?

Kill the Corporation.

Let the small to medium business's thrive.

Remove all Corporate law.

Libertarians forever.
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