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Default Re: islamic stoning to death video

C'mon now, 55132.

After all the Mossad false flag operations made to look like Muslim fanatics?

After all the faked videos of Tim Osman's naughty Muslim terrorists?

I checked that website, <a href="">Apostates of Islam</a>. It's registered by the <a href="">Institute for Humanist Studies</a>, based in Albany, NY. They promote <a href="">global humanism</a> - we could say secular humanism, since they are all atheists.

This is a UN-backed front organization for the spreading of Communism, pushing Darwinism, Secular Humanism, Atheism, "political democracy" (i.e. Quantity rule over Quality), etc.

They are adherents of the <a href="">Humanist Manifesto III</a>, a successor of the <a href="">Humanist Manifesto of 1933</a>. If you read <a href="">who signed this manifesto</a> you get a good picture regarding their real agenda.

<a href="">Link to Humanist Manifestos I&II</a>
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