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Default Re: France, The Riots and the People Behind It

The fact is, Freeman, that the self-pretended Jews behind the elitist new world order agenda are kabbalist crackpots or non-believers.

If the Jewishness is not defined genetically (and nobody has ever proven that it could be so), the only possible Jewish identity is the Jewish religion. The problem is that the large majority of the Jews are today atheist... So, what makes them think they are "Jews"?

In Israel, the official definition of being a Jew is "to be born from a Jewish mother". OK but what defines the "Jewishness of the "Jewish" mother? In mathematics, this is called a tautology.

What I want to say is that a few cunning people are using things like the Zionism or the Holocaust to create an artificial "Jewish" identity to millions who are not followers of the Jewish religion and thus have no real "Jewish" identity.

The artificially created "Jewish" identity of those who are not even believers allows the cunning masters of the Illuminati agenda to have a whole artificially created "Jewish" people as an army to fight the cause of the elitist new world order: many "Jews" adhere to the globalisation since their artificially created "Jewish" identity is preventing them to feel patriotic love and responsibility towards the nations where they live.
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