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Default Feminists Endanger the Economy

Feminists endanger the economy

Norway is f*cked

Apparently, some sk*nky feminist c*nt has decided that companies that are unable to make sure at least 40% of it's board of directors are people with vaginas are going to be closed down.

Which will mean a lot of people losing their jobs and the economy taking a battering.

Not that the Minister for Families and Children (in other words, Minister for Women), Karita Bekkemellem, could give a sh*t. After all, how on Earth would you expect some raving man-hating Socialist c*nt who has clearly never done a hard day's work in her life to actually have any idea about how to run a company.

No, she doesn't care that most women drop out of the workforce once they've got some sucker to support them. She just wants lots of vagina-owners in boardrooms because...well, she just wants that. And to hell with men, the economy and her country's future (or, rather, lack of one.)

"I don't want to wait 20 or 30 years until sufficiently intelligent men finally appoint women to the boardrooms." the c*nt says. Yeah, yeah, stick your shaming language up your empowered vag you retarded wh*re.

"For a woman to get in a man must get out. It is not difficult to find qualified women," said some spokesc*nt for this c*nt. So, basically, they admit that it means that fully qualified men (often with wives and kids to support) are going to have to be booted out of a job so that some smarmy unqualified woman can take his place.

As for it not being difficult to find a qualified woman...well, if that's the case, why do they need quotas like this to ensure they can get their likkle chance to play businesswoman? Sh*t like this just makes me think even less of women. If they need Big Government to come in and threaten companies with closure just so they, the women, can get a job, then obviously they're not up to much are they? No doubt the feminist c*nts will be snivelling and whining when companies start relocating elsewhere.

Poor old Norway. Business leaders in the expanding economies of Asia must be pissing themselves with laughter at this sort of feminist Socialist sh*t us Europeans get lumbered with.

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