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KILL IT?.....IT?

Depersonifying an individual? Hmmmmmm, the psycological overtones of that are astounding.

As for being a pleb, I have been asked to join The Order of The Royal Arch.

It saddens me that even amongst supposedly intelligent individuals, who should be open minded and equitable, that the primitive attitude rears its head. I don't understand it, therefore wipe it out.

Someone has suggested that Hitler was a Freemason - utter rubbish, if he was, Churchill would not have been able to take a stand against him.

Fact: Both of Napoleon's brothers were Freemasons, Napoleon wasn't. Wellington was a Freemason. Brotherly love?

Combat 18, and D Company, both Neo Nazi groups would wipe out Freemasons.......why therefore are some of you displaying the same Faschist attitudes?

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