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What a load of crap, Yeoshua.
As children of the devil himself, Freemasons often turn on each other and/or choose opposing sides when the occasion warrants. Otherwise the Illuminati could hot fulfill their Hegelian dialectic. Wolves in sheep's clothing are still wolves, and that is just the way your master Lucifer intended it. I have noted even at the local level, when Freemasons run out of us "profane goyim" to abuse, they turn on each other. What more can be expected from an organization that has no rules of conduct, no criteria of membership other than adherence to the blood oath? It's easier for an ex-convict to join Freemasonry than to get a job working at MacDonald's. Only the "mentally defective" are prohibited membership, because once again, the keeping of those nasty secrets is paramount.
And yes, Freemasonry IS a Satanic cult and even the lower degrees follow Satanistic dogma. And I love the way you sidestepped the issue of Jesus not being permitted to be mentioned in lodge ceremonies that acknowledge every other deity known to humnakind, including Allah, Baphomet, and even Lucifer himself. I'm talking about your ceremonies, rituals and worhsip services, not your vapid socialization rules -- and you know it.
I also love the way you fail to defend the racketeering qualities of the Freemasonic blood oath, because you know they can't be defended.
I just love you to pieces, Yeoshua, but most of all I love the surprise that Dr. Henry and I know is awaiting each and every one of your fraternal brothers when the other shoe drops from "The Red Symphony".
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