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Default Stem-cell Breakthroughs May Allow Two Males to Have Offspring

Stem-cell Breakthroughs May Allow Two Males to Have Offspring

Stem-cell researchers have discovered how to create sperm cells by applying certain chemicals to stem-cells. The technology appears close to accomplishing the same for egg cells, theoretically making it possible for members of the same sex to produce genetic offspring .

original news source:
Breakthroughs in stem-cell technology could soon lead to male couples having their own offspring.
At Sheffield University's Centre for Stem Cell Biology, professor Harry Moore says researchers have found they can make human sperm cells by treating stem cells with particular chemicals.
"We are also getting close to doing that for egg cells," Moore told the London Observer.
Moore said scientists may eventually be able to create stem cells genetically identical to those of a patient, and from this make sperm. This could then be used to fertilize a partner's egg to create a child.
The technique could also be used to create eggs for women who have undergone premature menopause.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Leaving aside any religious considerations, there is no question that the implications for this technology are quite profound. While stem-cell research may garner many medical and scientific benefits, there are in my view an equal number of potential risks associated with this technology.

It appears Pandora's box has been opened. The only questions are by how much and to what end?

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