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Default Re: Solzhenitsyn Breaks Last Taboo of The Revolution

If someone had told me a year ago what i think now of the Jews I would have laughed.

I of course had the usual small time "bigotry" and cliched jokes but I would have gone out of my way to defend your average Jew because he/she is firstly a human being before all else. Secondly, the "Holocaust" powerful in dulling the ability to call a spade a spade. I also have a deep respect for anyone who refuses to bow to the State...such is the history of the Jews.

However, if Jews do not stand up NOW and start to demand the truth about firstly the Holohoax and secondly the prominent role of Jews in the countless revoloutionary plots of the last 100 years and speak out loudly and clearly about the crimes of Israel against the Arabs...their is undoubtably a "tribulation" on the way and I'm not sure starting WW3 will solve it.

If an average middle class Joe like me is waking up then the Jewish Elite better start shitting their pants. The parties over.

One more thing, as you commence the big move Down Under by firstly buying for 2 million your permenant visa in New Zealand and then popping over to Oz as an automatic permanant resident...consider this from a local. Your continuous 'whining' about the holocaust and how persecuted you are will bring on exactly that. Australians DESPISE "whingers". Go and bleed Antarctica dry or maybe Pluto.

And shame to the "cattle" that follow along like lemmings. NOMAD is right. I agree with everything he says. Just have a look at how the entire world is in a trance.

Perhaps if we purge the materialist in our own souls the Jew as master in reality and in our worst bedtime fears will simply dissapear.
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