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Default Re: French TV boss admits censoring riot coverage

Islam had better wake up.

Here in Oz since the raids on some twits by the A.F.P i have seen the worst side of the Islamic community.

Though i believe the charges have been inflated and the AFP will have a little egg on it's would seem these idiots were bent on something though I doubt it would be a large scale bomb plot...more like a symbolic target.

Whatever, the point is, I have NOT seen the local Islamic community come out STRONGLY against these idiots. It is inevitable that tempers flare when seeing women and children slaughtered in Iraq but to then claim a moral right to do the same? And to the relatively innocent? That is the difference between Christianity and Islam...a faith I now believe to simply be a bunch of rules thought up by a dope smoking merchant. Many reasonable rules mind you but lacking in the Judaism.

Moderate Islam better come out swinging and clarify HEAVILY on it's position on things because I have personally run out of patience after defending this same community.

I am heading to the point of view that it's time to seriously consider sending people back to their countries of origen and also making open debate on seperating people from each other by letting the Muslims create their home states and then they can all move their.

I'm sick of the freakin Jews/Zionists and i'm sick of the idiot elements of Islam who are obviously pretty stupid.

I've heard it said that the Jew complains but unlike a normal man will not leave his job when angry. So too the Muslim. If you dont like this country...LEAVE!

I would never had said this only a few short weeks ago.

As for see poor "alienated" Muslims wearing $200 runners and $200 jackets and other expensive street wear complaining about how hard they got it? Send 'em back to Algeria and see how tolerant their wonderful governments are.

The West has a lot to answer for. It still beats hands down the other idiots.
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