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Default Re: When will all this go down in the US

I agree with ranger, it is going down now. The UN Plan is called Local Agenda 21. All the software designed to gather citizen data uses the # 2020. There are hundreds of orgs that use the #2020.

For example:
<a target=_blank href=>Joint Vision 2020- America's Military Preparing for Tomorrow</a>;

<a target=_blank href=>Region 2020-Building A Better Place To Live</a>; <a target=_blank href=>Cardio-Vision 2020</a>; <a target=_blank href=>2020Green</a>; <a target=_blank href=>2020 Vision for Food, Agriculture and the Environment</a>; <a target=_blank href=>Spacecast 2020</a>; <a target=_blank href=>Transport 2020</a>; <a target=_blank href=>Vision 2020-Iowa</a>; <a target=_blank href=>2020 Democrats</a>; <a target=_blank href=>Sustainable Food Security For All by 2020</a>; <a target=_blank href=>HUD 2020 Management Reform Plan</a>. <i>HUD's community mapping software was first called 2020. </i>.

I'm guessing 2020 is their celebration year. Let's plan a <a target=_blank href=>communitarian holiday!</a>

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